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Here is a link to to the International Perfume Bottle Association site


Here is a link to member Katherine Fauld's website



Here is a link to an interesting website with lots of useful information and pictures. 


Here are a couple of links to Member Eleanor Bennett's webspaces - well worth a look.



Here is a link to the website of member Laura Dickson where you will find all sorts of treasures,  from vintage jewellery to compacts, hats, purses and more.

"...we're a resource for collectors of all things vintage and antique. We feature top eBay auctions, and are a vibrant community of people sharing their collections, and there are interviews and articles with experts in the field..."



New member Jane Johnson has sent in some interesting information.

 New Stratton sifters for convertible compacts 
I now stock these at my online shop,

I'd be happy to offer a special 10% discount on sifters for BCCS members, with code BCCS10

Replacement sifters for older Strattons I have written a "how to" on making 1950s style sifters, which was published last month in Vintage Life magazine    

You can find the complete how to online at

 New collectable Stratton compacts by British designer, Lulu Guinness

I'm delighted to be able to stock these, and receive first delivery at the beginning of November

They will be available at

Again, I'd like to offer a special discount to BCCS members. The code BCCS20 will give a 20% deduction on Lulu Guinness.

You're also welcome to use any image from my blog, site or photo archive for your newsletters. I've started to archive all of my compacts at

" Stratton’s distinctive compacts are renowned for their high quality and unique design, which leads the revival in stylish ladies' accessories. The creation of each piece entails a high degree of skill and hand craftsmanship to produce a wonderfully intricate and feminine work of art. "



Mary Turvil's website

selling compacts and other interesting vanity items.




Web site of member Sue Marie Turner



Worth a look, often has interesting compacts for sale.

We carry an interesting selection of jewelry and ladies' accessories. Our pages will be updated often, so be sure to check back regularly to see our latest offerings.  We have a no questions asked return policy if any of our items are "not talking to you" when you hold them in your hand!


British Patent Office website   -

title: UK Chapter of the International Perfume Bottle Association


Heidi Melhuish

The personal collection of member Heidi Melhuish.

" click "  here


Jan Hynes

Browse member Jan Hynes' personal collection.

Deco Girl

If compacts from the 20s and 30s are your passion...



For further information on the history and 

product range of KIGU.


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