There are several excellent books on powder compacts and accessories which provide historical information and value guides.  They are beautifully presented with clear photographs and descriptions and provide a wonderful resource for collectors.





I have two new books related to Estee Lauder Solid perfumes and Powder Comapacts.  For the last 10 years I have been researching and learning about Estée Lauder collectible compacts. During these years I have met many dedicated collectors. These are collectors that are spread out all over the world. Collectors are always looking for information about these beautiful compacts but there are a very limited number of resources for this information. I decided to create an educational book that will bring the collectors needed information on these Estée Lauder items. Finally collectors will have a reference to see what is available.
You can order now on Etsy, eBay or directly from me at

Ann Schweiger 

28th July 2016

Member Hannah O'Byrne was searching on-line for a make of carryall called "Beauty-Full" and found this book:

"The Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty from Victorian Times to the Present Day" by Madeleine Marsh.

I couldn't see it listed on the "Books" page on the website and thought other members may find it of interest especially as, at the moment - 28th July 2016 - it is only 99p to download to Kindle from Amazon! Here's a link:

Hannah O'Byrne



Another book link sent in by member Hannah O'Byrne. A book with lots of pictures of compacts, again available on the Kindle App via Amazon (£2.25) "A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Powder Compacts" Kindle Edition by Caroline Y Preston  (Author)

Hannah O'Byrne


Juliette Edwards has a few copies of 



This spiral-bound A4 book enables collectors to identify virtually every Stratton compact by working systematically through a "family tree" of clues. 

It includes dates, names of models (where known), distinguishing features, accurate measurements and masses of additional information.  

Every model shown in colour; 64 pages.      


By post from Juliette Edwards.

Please email Juliette for details.  See members directory for address.

Cheque for £ 18.00 (including increased postage costs ) made out to 

J. Edwards, please.


Member Emma Milsom  has sent in the following information

Laura Mueller, author of " The Encyclopedia of Compacts " Volumes 1 & 2, is releasing a new book,

 "Mueller's Overview of American Compacts and Vanity Cases"  ISBN-10: 1574325671. 

Its available for pre-order via Amazon and is due for release on  30th Nov 2007. Just in time for Christmas!!

DK Collectables Price Guide by Judith Miller now has 4 full pages of compacts in it supplied by members Mary Turvil and Sarah Hughes.

 " Collectables Price Guide 2006 - Judith Miller"  - published by DK - ISBN 1-4053-0880-X.

Divine Beauty by Soraya Feder. Publisher : L'Adventurine. ISBN 2-914199-14-7

The Artifice of Beauty by Sally Pointer. A history and practical guide to perfumes and cosmetics in the past.
Hardcover 256 pages (May 19, 2005) Publisher: Sutton Publishing.  ISBN: 0750938870

Miller's Powder Compacts: A Collector's Guide. ( 2000 ) Juliette Edwards.  ISBN 1-84000-186-0


 The Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compact Collection 1967 - 2001 

 Roselyn Gerson Collectors Books 2002 - ISBN 1-57432-276-1

Collectors Encyclopedia of Compacts, Carryalls & Face Powder Boxes. Volume 1 

Laura M. Mueller Collectors Books 1994 - ISBN 0-89145-562-0    (Now includes 1999 values)

Collector's Encyclopedia of Compacts, Carryalls & Face Powder Boxes. Volume II.

Laura M. Mueller Collectors Books, 1997 ISBN 0-89145-766-6

Compacts & Smoking Accessories. Roseann Ettinger Schiffer, 1999 ISBN 0-7643-0774-6

 (Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition)

Compacts Powder and Paint.  Frances Johnson Schiffer.  1996 ISBN 0-7643-0055-5

La Poudre c'est Moi Genevieve Fontan Editions Milan, 1994.  ISBN 2-84113-016-9 (Written in French)

Vintage & Contemporary Purse Accessories. Roselyn Gerson Collectors Books 1997. ISBN 0-89145-790-9

Vintage & Vogue Ladies' Compacts Roselyn Gerson Collectors Books 2001. ISBN 1-57432-208-7 (Second Edition.)

Vintage Bags and Purses.  Roselyn Gerson Collectors Books 1994. ISBN 0-89145-599-X

Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories.  Lynell Schwartz Schiffer Publishing Ltd 1997. ISBN 0-7643-0110-1

Vintage Ladies' Compacts. Roselyn Gerson Collectors Books, 1996. ISBN 0-89145-680-5 ( First edition )