About The Society

The Society currently has in excess of 200 members, several from overseas and growing all the time.  Established in 1995  by Juliette Edwards as a result of interest in her privately-published book on British compacts, it is chaired by Juliette with the assistance of an enthusiastic executive team.  Juliette is also the author of a book entitled “Powder Compacts – A Collectors Guide”, published by Miller’s in 2000.

One of our aims is to promote the appreciation and collecting of powder compacts and all the many associated items, such as powder boxes and bowls, vanity cases and carry-alls, World War II  and shipping souvenirs compacts, advertisements and other related vintage glamour items and to promote a better understanding of the social history and the changing "faces" and roles of women which these romantic items epitomise.  

We will be happy to assist, advise and work with groups and organisations such as museums, companies and broadcasters whenever possible.

Our membership comprises dealers and collectors, some who have been collecting for many years and have extensive and beautiful collections and others who have just discovered the fascination of these vintage glamour accessories and maybe just have one or two. Some collectors like to specialise in a certain period, like the Art Deco period of the 20's and 30's for example; some prefer to collect compacts with a particular design or by a particular manufacturer.  Whatever your personal preference there is sure to be something you will want to collect and treasure. Many members also collect other vintage glamour items so you will find handbag enthusiasts. scarf collectors and costume jewellery lovers amongst our members

Another aim is to put collectors in touch with each other and many friendships have resulted from our membership of BCCS.

BCCS Membership - what your subscription brings…


  • A welcome pack including your membership card/directory with details of website access and Society contacts, a list of merchandise available for members to buy and two of our latest newsletters, Face Facts.
  • Access to our website with its pages of Questions & Answers and its up-to-date news about the Society. To find out more about the website CLICK HERE.
  • 3 issues of Face Facts a year, which you’ll receive in March, July and November. Face Facts not only contains letters and news from members and reports on our annual Convention, but in-depth features about compacts and related themes. In the past year, these have included Plastic Compacts, Lipsticks from Biba and Beyond, Innoxa and mechanical mechanisms.
  • An invitation to our Annual Convention in the U.K. as well as to smaller regional groups. These events (for which additional charges may be made) are exclusive to members and their guests.

Conventions have been held in: Windsor, Solihull, Blackpool, Slough, Warrington, Bristol, Ipswich, Sheffield, Cheltenham, Warwick, Bracknell, Peterborough and Stratford-upon-Avon. A fabulous variety of compacts are displayed - many of which are for sale - and we’ve enjoyed celebrity speakers from BBC Antiques’ Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip and Flog It, including Eric Knowles, Ian Pickford, Katherine Higgins, Kate Bliss, Jonathan Pratt, Will Farmer and Charles Hanson.

Convention 2017 will be held near Oxford and as usual there will be great opportunities to buy as well as browse, with a special exhibition of non-metal compacts, containers and beauty ephemera and a celebrity guest speaker.



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